spring break minivacation

DSC09862-002I decided last minute (sort of. last minute for us) that we would take the kids somewhere for Spring Break.

I don’t know about you, but the thought of staying home for 18days with 4 kids is…ummm.. not appealing.

Maddox says that we only ever go camping and to the beach. He’s right. That’s what we like to do. I mean we would love to go to Italy and France, Africa, California but that’s a little expensive. So to the beach and camping we go! I thought the kids would love this place because they love swimming and there is a lot to do there. I like the idea of not having to leave the ‘resort’ for anything if you don’t want to. We were at The Wilderness of the Smokies in Pigeon Forge for 4 days. By the 3rd night we were itching to get out a little. BUT  the outside slides were not open. I think if we had all of that stuff to do, then we would have definitely been okay staying just there.

I did not take enough pictures. The place is very convenient with towel service by the pools so you don’t have to take a bag or anything down there including your camera. I just didn’t have a good place for it.  I did take that first picture up there and of course there are no pictures of your whole family together. One day, the kids will think I didn’t go anywhere with them! Ha!

I did take this picture to remember a very funny experience.


I’m not sure where Tanner was at this point. Possibly running ahead or hanging on the cart somewhere.

We had a room on the 3rd floor a pretty good walk away from the indoor water park. And even without any stuff to carry that was too much for us. So we asked for a closer room on the bottom floor. We are bottom floor loving people. And we got one! Close. Of course I had already unpacked our bags and put everything away. It was too funny. By the time we reached our new door, Tanner was across the hall knocking and jiggling the handle of someones’s door saying ‘Oh, here it is!’ When Mark said, see we fit right in. I lost it.  Hilarious.

DSC09861-002While on the 3rd floor Meredith dropped the snorkel off the balcony, and then she started to go out with some bathing suits. Maddox was wondering how we would ever get it back. About that time a guest walks out of a bottom floor door near the pool. So I told him that we could just ask a worker to go out that way and get it for us to which he starts shouting at the guest to ask him to pick it up! We got it later.


 Jumping on the beds is required.

We got just this one room. Do you do that on vacations when it’s just your family? We like to save money.

We had this one room with 2 queen beds and a pull out sleeperloveseat that was big enough for both boys! Hahaha Yay for having small kids. So the boys slept there and Mark and I each slept with one of the girls. Perfect. Having a mini fridge is great. We ate breakfast and lunch in our room everyday. Just things like cereal, poptarts, oatmeal, fruit, pb and crackers, pb&j sandwiches, chips and then we just paid for dinner each night.DSC09858-002

As soon as we got there we all put on our bathing suits and headed out to the indoor water park.

DSC09873-003I wish I had taken more pictures. It was a really large place with a big size kiddie area here where Tanner is at with slides and thing to play with. There is also a toddler area that was great for Meredith with a slide and swings (in the water) and squirters. Both of these were zero entry pool areas. They have a huge wave pool which was Emma and Madd’s favorite.

DSC09912-002Not really Mer’s thing. That water was a kind of cold. Especially to use that are used to swimming in a heated pool!

DSC09919-002There is also this indoor surfing thingy. The line can get long for this one. The big kids tired it and liked it.

DSC09900-002ALL the big kids.



There is a very large hot tub that is indoor/outdoor with a huge sign that says, NO children under age 6.

That was Tanner and Meredith’s favorite place to swim!

The water was warm! It was kind of more like overheated pool than a steamy HOT hottub.

The slides are super fun especially the twister racing ones. One or two people can go down in those. Emma rode all the slides over and over with the exception of their biggest funnel tornado looking one! The Storm Chaser. She rode it once with Mark and that was enough for her. I rode the other big one, Runaway Canyon, a couple of times and it would have been fun had we not been on there with 3oo pound women ( no joke) while I am always facing backward!! Not fun. You can go down with just two people in your raft for that one, but there is a weight requirement that Emma and I combined didn’t meet.

DSC09933-001We had a fun time. We went out one time to Gatlinburg to eat at what is our favorite Italian place there.

Besides all this wonderful water fun there is also Adventure Forest. Full of nonstop putt putt golf, bowling, rock climbing,

ropes course, playground, aracade games, laser room, frog jumper ride (Tanner’s favorite). Tanner kept riding the Frog Jumper over and over. Not even getting off. At one point he was right in the middle with a bunch of little girls that we didn’t know and on the way down he raises his hands in the air and says, “hands up everybody!” I think he had fun.

Our family will defiantly do this vacation again in the summer, (though I am guessing lines will be long) to get in all the outdoor fun too!