Snowless snow days

We had snow days. With no snow.

That’s Tennessee for you. It was too cold to go to school, apparently. ..?

So these are some of the things we do on snow days.

DSC09499Melty Beads.

These things get everywhere. We limit the mess by using them on towels

so that they don’t bounce and roll away.

DSC09502Movie Theatre if nana is here to stay with Meredith.

We saw The Lego movie. Great movie!

DSC09080Play games. I would much rather play games with my kids than some imaginary stuff. I leave that to them.

I try to get them together for games when things start to get too crazy or the tv has been on too much.

DSC09072We eat a lot. I feel like we do. They are in the kitchen constantly when they are home all day.

You can’t go wrong with bacon. We eat lots of bacon sandwiches.

DSC09078We go to the library.

We just spend free time there for about an hour. The kids play on the train table and the computers, look at books, and search and search and search for a movie that I will let them checkout, but I never do. It gets us out without costing any money. Except when I owe late fines. Which is every time and currently my debt is over $6.00!

DSC09077And this is an essential part of snow days!! Hide it in the back of the freezer up high and you will be just fine!