The littles

DSC00783-001Look at my two sweet babies!

I’m telling you, these two know how to have some fun together.

And they are so funny!

Merbear LOVES Tanner. She does everything he does. No matter if mommy thinks she is big enough or not.

DSC00782-001They laugh and giggle all day. Meredith is comfortable to sing and play doll house by herself if Tanner is in the room with her.

He can just be doing puzzles beside her, looking at books, or playing anything else. She just likes to have him close.


DSC00785-001Sometimes Tanner can get too rough with her and I have to remind him that she is a baby girl and not his 7 year old brother.

On the other hand, Meredith can pick on him sometimes too. She thinks it’s funny to hit him on the head with a puzzle piece while he’s trying to figure it out. I think that she is just wanting him to concentrate on her instead of that puzzle! But he is kind and patient with her telling her not to hit. We have been making her say, ‘sorry’ which comes out like, ‘ aryyy’ and she likes to say it. So sometimes she hits just so we will make her say sorry. She’s been talking a lot! Tanner (and everyone) talks to her like she is the same age as them.

DSC00790-001Tanner is a very, very good brother to her and to the others. He is precious and sweet and gracious and forgiving.

I am SO glad that he is not going to Kindergarden this next year and that he can still have 2 days a week home with Mer.


Mer wanted to look at the pictures on the camera so she came running around.

More fun times coming up!