Boys room – map walll

    We painted the boys a cute sports theme when we moved in 5 years ago.

How can it be that we have lived here 5 years already!? That’s seems crazy.

Anyway, it was cute and functional and 5 years later…dirty and dated.

I had been seeing these map walls floating around the internet and I knew I wanted it.

I knew the boys would love it and that we could keep it up for many years.


So as most of my projects begin, I just start on a whim while Mark is at work!

Mer was my little helper.

This girl is so good, I can get anything done while she is here.

I had to prime over the red and dark blue stripes on the wall.

I tried to find a before and I can’t and I am just wasting what little ‘blog’ time I have looking for it.

So we got that primed and then, again on a whim, I walked into Lowe’s and picked a grayish blue and went with it.

I have been doing that more lately and it seems to be working out for me.

This color is called School Boy, I think. Something like that.

It’s perfect. Not too blue. Not too gray. Light and airy….and clean. (for now)

Why do boys have to touch the walls???!


I had nothing to do with the assembly of  the map wall. That was all Mark and his mom.

She had past experience with hanging wall paper and when they started talking about math and measuring

for cutting some off the top and bottom, I said I would just keep the kids out of the way.  They did an awesome job!


I moved stuff around and added a flag banner from Land of Nod, new curtains and new bedding.

I scored on those big, rugby stripe comforters at Target online. Only $20 each. They were $60 and up on other sites.


I would like to add in some beanbags and I want Mark to replace the chaepo shelf we have in there

with a custom built one that would be bigger and hold more toys.


I love this new room. It is really pretty and the boys do love the map wall.