pony tails



How adorable is this?

I love her pony tails!

Emma never had enough hair to do hers in two.

But MerMer came out with enough! almost.

Mer is used to pony tails, she wears one everyday on top of her head because her hair is down to her chin.

So most of the time she will sit on the bathroom counter and let me put it up, but sometimes on pony tails day she cries and fusses. But I must put them in! So I giver her my makeup. anything. everything. Just so she will sit still until I’m done. Then wah-lah. Cuteness! It is so worth it.


Sometimes she even sleeps in her top of the head pony tail. But we do take the two pony tails down before sleeping. One morning after pony tails day, I put Tanner and Mer in the tub together. Meredith’s hair was in definite need of water. Lots of water. It was a mess! I see Tanner wetting his hand and rubbing her hair down. I say, ‘awe that’s sweet.’ He says, “I am doing this ’cause Mer Mer’s hair looks ugly.”