Nana’s week

DSC09224  We love ‘nana’s week’. It’s the week almost monthly that nana stays with us from usually Monday to Thursday.

That’s all she can take of us and then she has to go home to rest. We wear her out! For real. Up and down the steps, up and down on the floor, packing around babies, sleeping on the couch with out her own room or space to herself. I do wish we had a separate guest room and bath for her. But alas, we have four kids. So she stays four days and must get home to her tv and normal routine. Whatever that is. I’m not sure what one would do with out four kids to entertain you and keep you busy everyday.

DSC09225But the four days she is here for Nana’s week, Oh the fun we have. The kids get so excited when she is coming.

She plays and plays with them. I know, I’ve said it all before but I really do appreciate her help

and her love that she dons on my kids. I make all appointments while she is going to be here.

I try to get clothing shopping and errands done that never seem to fit in and sometimes

my plans are a little too ambitious. Even for nana week. Sometimes she and I, after a long day

home with the kids sneak out right after dinner for shopping. We are usually too tired to stay

anywhere for too long.

DSC09226She’s a good Nana.