Tanner’s blankie

DSC00619This blanket has seen it all, heard it all, and been everywhere in the last 4 years.

Tanner absolutely loves this thing.


It is tattered and worn, barely holding together and has a huge hole on Tanner’s favorite spot.

There are 14 flowered squares that he loves to rub. They are his favorite.

My mom said, ‘Look at this hole!’ Tanner said, ‘It’s broken. I love it.”

The other day in the car, from the very back seat he says, ” I really wish I had brought my blankie.”

DSC09526It was so cute. He can’t live with out it.

My granny made it for Emma. But Tanner is the one that finally adopted it and loves it.

I had one too. Just like this. Made by my granny with different scraps of fabric from a box.

I loved it. I wore it out. Literally.

The only thing left of┬ámy entire blanket is 4 little squares. That’s it.

I still have them. I am looking forward to shadow boxing Tanner’s one day.

DSC09297Guess who else has a special blankie????