Happy Birthday Maddox

B0003368My little boy is seven!

He has had seven years FULL of adventures and discovery like no other child of mine.

He is full of energy, excitement, and curiosity.

I love all of that.

DSC09695He is true boy through and through.

He loves to play! play, play, play.

I just told him today when I saw him wondering off upstairs with two little toys in his hands that I love how he plays and I love that he does play. And he said, ‘thank you.’  He said to me when he was taking a bath that he likes to be all alone sometimes. Maybe he was telling me to get out, but I took it to mean that he likes some quiet times alone to play by himself.


He wanted blueberry muffins for breakfast. I usually just put in one candle for them to blow out, but he wanted all seven. His birthday was such a big event, that school was even closed for a snow day. (with no snow)

We decorated his door with streamers and we decorated the breakfast area with banners and such.

DSC09708Then we took goofy pictures on the couch together.

He wanted to go to Subway for dinner and that was fine with me. Sure beats McDonald’s!

Emma took all her money ($5) and bought him a birthday present and a singing card.


We got him some pokemons and he got money because he is saving up for something that he wants to buy himself.


A seven year old boy.

Oh  what fun you could have to be a seven year old boy!

He is a sweetheart!

Happy Birthday Maddox. You are special and you are loved!


I pray that you will allow God to guide you and that your decisions in life will be pleasing to Him.

I pray that you will humble yourself and know Christ as your Savior.