Bathroom tile


Master Bathroom. Boring. I have been wanting to add tile around the tub, under the window for awhile now.

Mark wasn’t sure. As it usually is with my home project ideas and then they turn out great and he knows I was right.


Here’s the after:

DSC09364Ahhh…much prettier!

 DSC09363And functional. The kids like to use our ‘big’ tub so they are splashy and the tile is protecting the wall.

 DSC09365It’s really pretty. I love it. It’s just the 12×12 tile sheets. It was super easy to put on.

It’s definitely a one weekend project.

Now I just need some chunky shelves and a curtain. I wasn’t going to post until I had that, but that may or may not take a while.

Tile makes a big difference.