School is out!

DSC01043-001Thank the Lord!!

I was so ready to be done with early morning waking up and getting out the door.

Laying out clothes at night, getting to bed early, homework!! Gah!! We were ready for summer break!

The last weeks of school always so busy. I mean jam packed! Fun for the kids and guilt trip for the parents.

It is for me anyway. They ask you to go on field trips, come to water days, beach blast days, movie watching days. Join the class for an all morning in the hot sun outside day. I have admitted it before and don’t mind saying it again, I hate all that stuff. I hate feeling guilty that I can’t, can not, go spend an entire morning trying (not very successfully) to be present at one child’s activities with TWO more in tow. It’s not possible and it’s definitely not fun. It’s just hard! I know there are some parents who just love all this stuff. (I think or they pretend they do) They are the parent that doesn’t have smaller sibling to tote around and keep up with or they don’t also have a job.  I have both. Last year Mer was in a stroller that was a nightmare and this year she wants to run around everywhere with her confident toddler attitude. She’s still in diapers and can’t go for more than an hour without some kind of snack! It’s hard. Tanner’s always with me too, because preschool is out before big school.

Maddox was receiving “most improved reader” award on award’s day. (my most dreaded day)

Try keeping a very talkative 4 year old and a one year old seated, quiet and happy through 5 classrooms full of awards.

Not happening.

But I had to see him get this. So what do you do? You GO! You have to!

Even though you also have cookie orders to fill.


DSC01164We are so very proud of the effort that he has put into doing better in reading!!

He worked really hard for this!

DSC01163We made it through, barely! to see him walk across the stage and then we jetted out the side door until the end when we could go back in and hug and congratulate him.

Then it was Emma’s turn, so more waiting around while millions (it felt like) of names were called and still not her class.

In the meantime Meredith kept herself occupied by



answering phone calls really loudly with “elllo??”


And scooting farther and farther away from us.

DSC01148Emma finally received her award, but alas we were not in there to see or hear about it because we had once again jetted out the side door because Meredith wanted to run across the gym. So what was the stupid point!! I am screaming inside. I didn’t even hear them call her name! No, we were outside walking around the building trying to keep Meredith off  the 4th graders water inflatables!


This smile. This is the point!

DSC01123Honor roll for this sweet girl and Tanner was super excited about a free putt putt coupon!!

DSC01165Her class also voted her kindest classmate and that is what I am most proud of!!

God is using Emma and that  makes all of our hearts happy!

DSC01130Deep breath….that’s said and done and now we can enjoy SUMMER!