Christmas Eve 2014


Santa came to our house!

And he left scooters, an Elsa doll and loads of goodies!

I love, love, love Christmas. I love giving my kids a great Christmas morning. It’ s so fun and exciting. Again this year Santa came to the tree in the bonus room. That’s good because we can spread out in the morning on the carpet and open everything.  I would love to put gifts out before Christmas morning, at least the ones for extended family or friends, but no. not yet. We still have very curious little hands that want to open them!



Merry Christmas!


gingerbread houses


We do this every year. The kids love it. This year I bought a set of 3 and the kids also decorated 2 houses at Emy’s. So we had a whole little village going. Obviously I am way behind on my blog and that is why all these last posts have the same dates on them. I am actually playing catch up on mine and Mark’s anniversary to trip to the Dominican! I have time to sit and work on this and that’s what I want to get done. Mark doesn’t mind and so as we have some down time in the room, I’ve been digging through pictures and posting. Posts would be more lengthy and more full of details and pictures fi I had done them current so for now until I get caught up these are the only pictures I have.  I’ll take it! I am so happy to be back and even trying to catch things up.

So we had gingerbread houses, as always and they were beautiful! I let the kids do all the work and I buy one for myself to decorate. That way we all get what we want. I always over buy on the candies for decorating the houses, but the kids end up eating it anyway.

Halle’s Birthday


We celebrated Halle’s 14th birthday at grandma’s house with all the cousins.  What fun memories these sweeties have of spending birthdays and playdates at grandmas. It makes me sad for Meredith, because she won’t get much, if any, of this. She’s the baby. No cousins her age. They will all be grown and not interested in or have time for little girls birthday parties. We have had 14 years of getting together for dinner and birthdays at grandmas.


I hope this continues. Family is so important and it’s hard for cousins to stay in touch after they are grown.



Tanner got tickets to the Predators Hockey game from our friends at Vanderbilt hospital. They are suite tickets with free garage parking! He’s taking all of us…Ha! Well, except for MerBear. She is too hard to keep up with and it gets too late at night for her.


We had a blast!


They put food and drinks in the suite for us.  They also have an xbox game where the kids can play hockey and a knee hockey game set for the kids. It’s super fun.




Emma’s favorite part! She got on the jumbotron.

Haha. I just realized it says Tequila.


The tickets are donated by Predatos players Shae Weber and  goalie Pecka Ryne so the extra bonus for getting the tickets is that we get to go down to locker rooms to meet the players!  The kids were thrilled! It was a super fun experience.


Tanner got tickets to e

Playing Doctor


Playing doctor at the doctor. We go to the doctor a lot these days. boo.  It’s no fun. Especially for Tanner. The little kids have gotten comfortable around here. Wait times can get really long.  We need some entertainment. So the kids play doctor. We let them turn on, shine, talk into and listen with anything they want. ha!


Daddy always comes over to meet us for doctor days. He must get checked out as well.