rope swing

Mer loves the rope swing. She is a strong little thing and can hold on for a long time. She figured out a long time ago how to climb up the slide, then grab on to swing really high.  We set the blocks up for her in a tower and she likes to swing to knock them down.

IMG_3967 IMG_3968 IMG_3969

One…Two.. Three.. Gone!

And then we set them back up and do it all over again and again. Never gets old. (for Meredith)


Party time!


It’s Emma’s Zumba Party!

Emma loves to dance. So we got Mrs. Michelle to rock us out to some Zumba!

We reserved the church so we could spread out and invite all of Emma’s friends and cousins.

I went with rainbowish theme. Because it was fun and zumba is not a color.

DSC02031         DSC02029

Of course, cookies! These were all gone.


Cake! My favorite.

All of her sweet little friends came and they were awesome at Zumba! Of course they did, they’re ten.


Erin, Kaloni, Gracie, Chloe M, Emma, Addie, Avery, Anna, Chloe Y, Rylee and Aleyah


Gouri, Cody and Wyatt, Braden, Lucy, Maddie, Katie,  and Halle and Chloe also came. That was a lot of zumba kids!  This was a drop and go party….my favorite kind. You know, the parents drop off their kids and then come back to get them later. I like that because my attention at the party is on the kids. All the treats and food are mostly for the kids (family excluded) I would rather not have a separate party for family. That’s just  kinda weird to me.  Mrs. Janna, Mrs. Casler and myself joined in on the fun too and yay! Emma was not (yet) embarrassed by me! Hopefully that won’t change.

DSC02054                               DSC02045

We invited a lot of kids and did not ask for gifts for Emma. We got her gifts. He grandma got her gifts and that was plenty. No way could we ask 20 kids to bring Emma gifts to open. Overload. So instead we ask everyone to bring a new pair of kids tennis shoes to be donated to the Mount Juliet Help Center. You get it…tennis shoes and zumba?! So that was a great way for Emma to make her 10th birthday special.

IMG_3901       IMG_3892

That’s a wrap!! Emma is TEN.

Emma turns 10

IMG_3799 IMG_3780

Double digits! How can it be?? I slipped this note into her lunch box. I also scheduled her for her own personal photo shoot because 10 is special and I wanted her to feel special. We went downtown Nashville with our favorite photographer, Angie, and we had a blast.


I decorated the kitchen bar for breakfast.

Mom was here so she and the littles wrapped gifts.



We can always count on Aunt Judy to send a card! All the kids love getting cards from her and look for them in the mail days leading up to their birthdays. This special birthday card came with $10.


Her friend and neighbor Gouri even gave her a necklace! I thought that was so sweet. They are the nicest family and have often brought Emma back gifts from their vacations. precious.


Right after school we opened gifts! She couldn’t wait!


Her favorite gift was definitely her new sewing machine. Hopefully she will learn how to sew all kinds of cuteness with this thing! And I can employ her to make me some banners and crafty things.

After preseIMG_3857 IMG_3861 IMG_3865-001

After presents she picked Cheddars as her birthday dinner and nana got to come with us! Her birthday fell on a Wednesday. The kids had Bible Quizzing practice at church so we took a birthday cake to share with everyone.


Rainbow cake….one of my favs!

Happy Birthday beautiful, smart and funny Emma! We love you so much and we are so very proud of you! You are an amazing young lady and we look forward to seeing what God has in store for you and how he will use you to bless others. Go get em’ girl!! Be your funny, creative self! Happy 10 baby!

playing is work

These two littles sure love to play.


I don’t take enough time out of my work to play! We could learn a lot from the way kids ‘work’. Play is their work. It’s how they learn and grow. It’s how they make sense of their world.

This day, I sat (well laid down because I’m tired) in MerBear’s floor and these two sweet chefs cooked me all kinds of delicious food, snacks and tasty drinks. It was delightful!

IMG_3754 IMG_3756 IMG_3762 IMG_3764

No dinner is complete without a princess as your chef! This girl is always dressing up! always.

It’s January



January is blah because its so cold! I only like cold and snow around Christmas week. That’s it. Trees come down. Decorations come down. We only get one good snow IF we are lucky.

The only good thing about January is our sweet Emma’s birthday.

Thankfully it’s right in the middle of the month and makes for a good break in the cold, yuckiness that is January.

This year we took these beautiful people to a Pred’s games with us and had SO much fun!


At this point we know the jumbo tron camera guy so well that we wait until we are ready to be on the jumbo tron and then we call him over! Ha! We’ve been to quite a few games.


It snowed. A little.

Meredith was so super excited.


She looked out in her pajamas and immediately said she needed her boots, hat, scarf and gloves. She goes right to them in the basket under the church pew. She knows very well where that basket is at because she loves to play with putting all that stuff on no matter what time of year it is. So here she goes all dressed up.  I open the door and this time she goes out! The other 2 big kids went out, but tanner and I stayed in.


He watched them from the back door wearing his pajamas and standing close to the heater vent.

He said, “I’m smart. I’m staying in!”


Christmas at grandmas


Christmas at grandmas is so much fun.

Piles of presents fore everyone.

DSC01938-001 DSC01935

Family time. Hanging out. Having fun and food!


DSC01931-001 DSC01908-001 DSC01907-001 DSC01904-001

Meredith, by far, had the largest gift this  year! She was so excited about it and happy it was hers!

DSC01931-001 DSC01900-001



Mer’s big gift…..a roller coaster! Super fun.

Merry Christmas morning!


It’s Christmas morning!!

IMG_3460 IMG_3459 IMG_3461

These babies are ready to tear open some gifts. Santa brought these gifts. Emma kept saying, “It’s shaped like an American girl box!” She knew. Meredith got her an American girl too, sort of. Emma got the real deal. Mer got the target brand. Maddox got an electric scooter and Tanner got the new skylanders trap force game for our wii.

IMG_3469 IMG_3494 IMG_3505 IMG_3509 IMG_3512 IMG_3513 IMG_3519

Meredith really got into the opening of gifts this year. It was so fun to watch her get so excited about her new stuff. She got an elsa Barbie and nana got her a Doc Mcstuffins doctor kit which she loved. I love it when my mom is with us for Christmas morning. We had her several gifts and a stocking full fun things.

IMG_3527 IMG_3539 IMG_3572 IMG_3561 IMG_3550 IMG_3544

A very merry Christmas for everyone here!