Party time!


It’s Emma’s Zumba Party!

Emma loves to dance. So we got Mrs. Michelle to rock us out to some Zumba!

We reserved the church so we could spread out and invite all of Emma’s friends and cousins.

I went with rainbowish theme. Because it was fun and zumba is not a color.

DSC02031         DSC02029

Of course, cookies! These were all gone.


Cake! My favorite.

All of her sweet little friends came and they were awesome at Zumba! Of course they did, they’re ten.


Erin, Kaloni, Gracie, Chloe M, Emma, Addie, Avery, Anna, Chloe Y, Rylee and Aleyah


Gouri, Cody and Wyatt, Braden, Lucy, Maddie, Katie,  and Halle and Chloe also came. That was a lot of zumba kids!  This was a drop and go party….my favorite kind. You know, the parents drop off their kids and then come back to get them later. I like that because my attention at the party is on the kids. All the treats and food are mostly for the kids (family excluded) I would rather not have a separate party for family. That’s just  kinda weird to me.  Mrs. Janna, Mrs. Casler and myself joined in on the fun too and yay! Emma was not (yet) embarrassed by me! Hopefully that won’t change.

DSC02054                               DSC02045

We invited a lot of kids and did not ask for gifts for Emma. We got her gifts. He grandma got her gifts and that was plenty. No way could we ask 20 kids to bring Emma gifts to open. Overload. So instead we ask everyone to bring a new pair of kids tennis shoes to be donated to the Mount Juliet Help Center. You get it…tennis shoes and zumba?! So that was a great way for Emma to make her 10th birthday special.

IMG_3901       IMG_3892

That’s a wrap!! Emma is TEN.


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