It’s January



January is blah because its so cold! I only like cold and snow around Christmas week. That’s it. Trees come down. Decorations come down. We only get one good snow IF we are lucky.

The only good thing about January is our sweet Emma’s birthday.

Thankfully it’s right in the middle of the month and makes for a good break in the cold, yuckiness that is January.

This year we took these beautiful people to a Pred’s games with us and had SO much fun!


At this point we know the jumbo tron camera guy so well that we wait until we are ready to be on the jumbo tron and then we call him over! Ha! We’ve been to quite a few games.


It snowed. A little.

Meredith was so super excited.


She looked out in her pajamas and immediately said she needed her boots, hat, scarf and gloves. She goes right to them in the basket under the church pew. She knows very well where that basket is at because she loves to play with putting all that stuff on no matter what time of year it is. So here she goes all dressed up.  I open the door and this time she goes out! The other 2 big kids went out, but tanner and I stayed in.


He watched them from the back door wearing his pajamas and standing close to the heater vent.

He said, “I’m smart. I’m staying in!”



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