Merry Christmas morning!


It’s Christmas morning!!

IMG_3460 IMG_3459 IMG_3461

These babies are ready to tear open some gifts. Santa brought these gifts. Emma kept saying, “It’s shaped like an American girl box!” She knew. Meredith got her an American girl too, sort of. Emma got the real deal. Mer got the target brand. Maddox got an electric scooter and Tanner got the new skylanders trap force game for our wii.

IMG_3469 IMG_3494 IMG_3505 IMG_3509 IMG_3512 IMG_3513 IMG_3519

Meredith really got into the opening of gifts this year. It was so fun to watch her get so excited about her new stuff. She got an elsa Barbie and nana got her a Doc Mcstuffins doctor kit which she loved. I love it when my mom is with us for Christmas morning. We had her several gifts and a stocking full fun things.

IMG_3527 IMG_3539 IMG_3572 IMG_3561 IMG_3550 IMG_3544

A very merry Christmas for everyone here!


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