Predator’s Game

We took the biggles to a Nashville Pred’s Game.


 I can’t look at this sign without LETS.GO.PRED.A.TORS! ringing in my head.

It was SO fun. They loved going downtown and just generally being out and about.

Our family hasn’t done that much.


We got these really awesome close seats from Mark’s work!

It was so fun down there.  At one point Maddox said it was scary (pucks hitting the glass in front of us) but we had been there awhile and he had eaten all the snacks he wanted and he knew the littles were having fun at grandma’s! HA!


DSC00285Up close seats are the best!

And now I can never go back to nose bleed seats ever again.


  My sweet Emma.

She is a worry wart by nature. (kind of a scaredy cat too)


 She gets nervous about new things and when she doesn’t know what will happen next…not good.DSC00291-001

See the hand holding onto daddy’s arm?

The lights went low and she wasn’t sure what was happening.

(side story: she missed the bus at school. got sent to office to wait for me to come get her. Ladies behind the desk were talking about where some kid may or may not be. she knew that particular kid was in tutoring, but she told me yesterday -months later- that she was too scared to tell the grown ups where said kid was at. sweet girl)



We will definetly be going back to SMASHVILLE!


Pre game fooling around:
DSC00271-001 DSC00272 DSC00273 DSC00274-001 DSC00278-001 DSC00280-001 DSC00281 DSC00282-001 DSC00283-001That is all.




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