Easter 2014


Easter morning basket hunting…..


Our treats included baby dolls, stamps, bathing suits, Peter Rabbit, Pokémon Cards and of course Chocolate!

When Maddox started pulling out his things, he said ‘ Look what WE got Tanner!’

Knowing that they share everything and that makes it all more fun!DSC00373-001

Then we were off to church!

I prepared treat bags and hid all the eggs for the kids at church.

I never know how many eggs to throw out there! It’s quite stressful so I always go way overboard scared that some little kid is only going to find 3. But in going overboard everyone’s baskets look like this…



Meredith loves candy. All candy. She has a big sweet tooth!

Yeah, yeah she hunted eggs but after she got this sucker nothing else matter.


  Here’s our ‘official’ Easter picture that we always take at Diane’s house right before they come busting out of those church clothes! Why, why is there always ONE that is not happy in my pictures!!? There was NOTHING wrong with Tanner until we said the word ‘picture’. So this year it was Tanner’s turn to have the pouty face. Oh well. Memories.



Sweet Meredith looked so beautiful in her little dress and bow!

 DSC00440-001 Of course Grandma made lots of food and desserts and then Egg Hunt!


 In the backyard…twice. and then in the front yard twice!


 That’s the fun part about egg hunts, you can do them over and over and the kids love it.


These eggs were empty, but grandma handed out treat bags full of candy and money!


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