another baby

We were done.

Tanner was going to be the baby.

We wanted him. We planned him.

I had my mind set that Tanner would be the baby, and oh, what a perfect baby he was!

Then…Meredith came along and we cannot imagine life without her. Love, love, love having another little girl!

Now we are set. 2 boys. 2 girls.



Right? Because I was done on #3. So of course, I would be done now. Number 4.

And I’m too old.

What is it about pregnancy and birth and babies that I love so much.

I just do.

I love it all.

So here we are with our nest of 4 made.

I nest of 4 is hard.

Hard on a type A personality like me.

Sometimes hard on a marriage that you love.

Hard work. 24/7 no days off. No quiet lunches with my friends. No coffee breaks in the office. There’s no break room around here. Maybe we should add one. There’s not even a quiet drive home every afternoon. Nope. And times like these I think I must be crazy. This load is enough. Sometimes too much. No way we could care for another. Especially on days when this happens.

DSC09953Hold me! Hold me!

I can’t. I’m busy. Wait! Hold you is my most important job! Okay, hold you.

Because soon you will be too old.

But then, bad attitudes, teaching against a sinful nature, learning boundaries and respect.

Non stop job.

Never ending.

Thank you LORD for these beautiful, precious children that you have entrusted us with.

We need YOUR help.

I’m not sure if there will somehow be another baby put in my charge.

There’s always adoption. I know. Some people are scared of adoption.

That’s okay. I’m not. Mark is not.

There are questions and doubts. Sure.

But not fear. There are bad adoption stories.

Yep. There are millions of great ones, too!

Kids need homes. Babies need mommas that will stop and hold them.

No matter how hard this job is, my heart is big.

I am able. God will help me. Not just physically, but emotional and spiritual and thankfully

personality wise. I need regular personality adjustments from HIM.

I’m not sure how to end this post. This all just kind of came out of my heart today.

I love my babies.


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